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Includes Videos, Photos, Graphics, Texts, Websites, search engines, social medias, video streaming and susbcription based platforms
Constant Monitoring System

We protect what is rightfully yours. Our advance web crawlers search 24x7
for any copyright infringment over the internet. This includes search engine results, file hosting or transfer services, video streaming sites and social media platforms.

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Takedown Illegal Content

Copyright Content may be stolen, uploaded or distributed illegally on third party websites/platforms by scammers to earn profit from your original work. We proactively trace the stolen, duplicated work and remove them against copyright infringement to safeguard your business interest and privacy

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are specialize in protecting online models. We provide service to those who perform on the Internet via live webcam. Our services allow protecting both their content from online theft and copyright infringements that may affect their income and also their privacy from being exposed on the web

Simply visit our membership plans and choose A suitable plan for you. Choose the plan according to your work. Such as if you are a part time cam model. You can start with silver plan or silver and diamond for full time cam models.

It takes a few days. Shorting after tracing infringment, we draft and send DMCA takedown notices to infringing websites and search engines. Within 3-5 days we will send you a report about complete takedowns.

Yes, you can The membership fee is charged on monthly basis. You can cancel it 3 days prior to month end and no hidden charge will be leived

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